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Today,prescription eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular in the public, people need to wear them not just for the benefit of correcting their poor vision problem, but also the improvement of their appearances. So, trends eyeglasses are especially welcome among the customers, however, looking for a recent trend pair is not an easy task for everyone, here are my several suggestions may be useful for you!

The first one is the thick frame, probably you may have the idea that they are only popular in the old days when the optical and material science is not so advanced, actually, today’s eye wears take a modern spin on this style of thick, plastic and boxy eyeglasses frames. And you can choose the color for them as what you love best, the color matches individual’s outfits is always an important factor of choosing eyeglasses, and the combining makes an effect of ‘geek chic’. Just imagine donning a pair of blue frame with your favorite blue color blouse, people will get amazed if you come to an evening party!

The second type is rimless eyeglasses frame, as there is nothing surrounding the lenses, which are connected by several screws. Sometimes people may feel you are just wearing nothing from long distance away. Because these have some decoration and a noseband on the temples, the strength of frame material needs to be fully considered, titanium ones are always applied in these prescription eyeglasses. And here is a piece of tip, buying AR-coatings for these lenses, as they can reflective the glare from the surface of both inside and outside of a lens, creating the feeling of you are just wearing nothing!

The last one, classic styles, whose lenses may be just surrounded by slight, metal rims, are almost always an good option for your face shape, no matter if you have a round, square or oval face. And some guys may love to buy theses eyeglasses in big frames, actually, I don’t suggest you do this, as big ones are popular in sunglasses and prescription ones, those classic styles will be fashionable for many years!

It is always a good choice to buy trends eyeglasses frames. However, they should be looked great on you. So, choosing those frames suitable for your face shape, and reflects your own personality is also important. And it you need to buy cheap fashion prescription eyeglasses online, try, which is really a trustworthy website of selling cheap eye wears!

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