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How do you know about multifocal eyeglasses lenses?

Myopia today is really a common eye disease, many individuals are suffered from it because of incorrect or unhealthy using their eyes, such as watching too much TV, long time working in front of computers, putting a book much too close their eyes and so on. However, not every patient who has this eye disease needs to wear eyeglasses lenses, it also depends on the power of your diopter, and people may usually don’t have to wear glasses if the power is less than 300 degrees! But this situation is not as the same as another eye disease, hyperopia, which is especially common among people at their middle age and old. Even 200 degrees will make you feel terribly uncomfortable if you don’t take a special pair of reading eyeglasses! So, what about if one who is not so lucky has been suffered by these two kinds of disease at the same time, what kind of eyeglasses lenses they should wear?

Thanks to today’s high tech of eyeglasses lenses, we have the opportunity to wear multifocal glasses. It seems that our manufacturers agglutinate different degrees into one same lens, making people have a clear vision either for distance view or near vision by change their eye focal points automatically. Not like single vision reading eyeglasses, you may feel blurry if you look into the sky after long time reading and want a relax, things will appeared clearly when we are wearing multifocal lenses. What’s more, people who need to work long hours at computers need special glasses to release their eye strain and fatigue also can choose to keep a pair of multifocal eyeglasses.

Usually, there are two kinds of such eye wears, bifocal and progressive eyeglasses. They are both divided into two parts, top for distance and lower for near view! However, progressive ones are becoming more and more popular, as they don’t simply cunt one lens into two parts, they are burning the eyeglasses lenses changeably from the top to down along the lens. That’s the reason why many starters decide to choose them, as it is easier to get used to. People will feel more comfortable to wear such glasses compared to bifocal or trifocal lenses!

Today’s progressive glasses lenses are really easy for people to operate and adapt to, the biggest advantages is that they satisfy people’s two main purposes of seeing things clearly and feeling comfortable in any conditions!

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